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How works and why you're going to love it


With no large up-front expense and complete setup and installation included we make it easy for you to make the jump to VoIP.


Your phone system is an Internet-based voice and fax platform you can customize, without requiring on-premise PBX hardware.


You get free call management software, with a user-friendly web interface empowering you with crisp voice, fax, and robust features.


Managing your team and multiple locations is simple, with profiles you create online for departments, employees, remote workers


Call handling rules make it easy to route calls according to hours of operation, department responsibilities, events, worker schedules, Caller ID and other vital criteria.


Your business-class, Yealink, Grandstream, or Polycom phones will be installed by our VoIP specialists with no setup or activation fees.

  VoIP Features
Unified Communications

Never miss an important call again.

Receive your voicemail whether you're on the other line, your desk phone is disconnected, or even if the power goes out.

Consolidated, flexible voicemail playback

React quickly to new voicemails by electing to receive them via email.

Announcement Options

Welcome callers with a default greeting, with a greeting you record yourself, or one created with professional voice talent.

No complex hardware to install or maintain, and no technical expertise required.

Music + On-hold Messages

Keep callers informed and entertained with messages and music on hold. Play any .wav of .mp3 file or customize the auto-attendant.

Company Extensions

Cloud-based so you have a great deal of flexibility in creating extensions for departments and individuals-across many devices and locations.

Dial-by-Name Directory

Help callers find the right employee quickly and easily. Your staff can be reached anywhere, on any of their devices.

Unified Messaging

Use your extension to integrate all your phones, PCs, and mobile devices into one complete business phone system.

Call Management

Message Alerts, Call Logs, Intercom,
Call Forwarding, Recording and more.

Find Me

Whether you're in the office or out, have calls ring on all of your devices.

Message Alerts

Configure your service to deliver voice and fax message notifications by email.


Announce calls and ping colleagues for quick conversations.

Call Parking

Park calls in the cloud and retrieve from any phone in your business.

Automated Call Recording

Easily enable automatic recordings for your inbound and outbound calls.

Call Screening

Accept or reject calls from specific numbers and send others directly to voicemail.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls with ease and flexibility—never miss calls while you travel.

Answering Rules

Route calls based on a range of options for your main number, extensions & departments.

Internet Fax

Receive faxes via email and get rid of the paper trail.

Eliminate the Fax Machine

Eliminate unreliable, and costly equipment to receive faxes. Receive multiple faxes at the same time on the same number.

Route Faxes Anywhere

All incoming faxes are handled online and delivered via email to as many destinations as you like.

Host unlimited audio
conferences across devices

Dial in and join the conference.

  • Single conference bridge
  • Each user gets their own host & access code
  • Compatible with mobile devices

Custom vanity numbers
for your business

Give your brand a mark of success

  • Choose a number like 800-YOUR-BIZ
  • Large inventory of numbers
  • Route them anywhere in the world.
Design + Support

We'll assist you in configuring your PBX so that you can get up and running as quickly as possible.

We won't just "ship you a phone."

We take a holistic approach to your VoIP implementation. The success of your VoIP implementation relies not only on our solution, but on the reliability of your network infrastructure.

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